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  1. Version 1.0.0


    a character i made in 2021 for funsies. basically a joke-ish character since there's not much related to SBT itself in the character alongside the logos itselves. also has an attack that throws explosive versions of the 1980s SBT logo and can also summon M6 (Metropole 6 or something, idk) for whatever reason. credits go to SBT. this character is mainly for collection purposes, like my other uploads.
  2. esse é o jooj supremo
  3. IsaacXP

    Dr. Eggman

    cuz why not tho
  4. welp, this one's also goin on my character collection cuz im a character collector :]
  5. different words, but maybe cursed and strange either have a similiar meaning (cursed means unholy, strange means weird)
    behold, one of the greatest stages of all time.
  6. the latex furry metamorphosis stuff makes it strange, yet cursed
  7. Version 1.0.0


    a pack of versions of Gobo i did throughout the years, mainly for collection purposes and/or [woah mama that word!] fighting purposes. versions include: 2018 Gobo + God Gobo (2018) - Denmou Eraser reskins with Felix the Cat's death cry. God Gobo has no changes aside from random dark yellow dots around him. 2020 Gobo - basically has better sprites than the 2018 ones, but is buggy as living hecc. he's so buggy, SO buggy that he somewhat gives Sadclaps (the "buggy on purpose" Cyclops edit) a challenge to deal with. 2022 Gobo - an overhaul of the 2020 Gobo. basically makes him
  8. Changed in MUGEN kinda feels strange imo, i'm not sure why
  9. Version 1.0.0


    basically kfm with new palettes/colors/whatever and the sadclaps code injected on him. that's all i have to say. i felt kinda bored about what to do so i decided to upload this here. also yeah i made this creation. just letting you know.
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