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    yep GohkenYTP didn't learned his mistake all he did was replace a few sprites with different characters and add one hyper stolen from Nanaman and he can also this FUCKING RAW
  1. i agree you, this down-vote bombing needs to end
  2. Rowser64


    Feedback: Her Head.pos and mis.pos are misaligned Her a & x normals does just nothing despite it has hitboxes. You could Infinitely spam his waddle dee projectile by pressing B & X or both. acording to his MFG thread whitch he said that "The Skull Gas hyper can be really deadly." The hitboxes for her Skull Gas hyper is all over the place despite this character feels super rushed, GohkenYTP if your reading this and going to make a another character, I recommend you should watch or read some tutorials on how to make a good mugen character
  3. you forgot to include the 1.1 version https://www.mediafire.com/file/hl5bogv2vsoph2o/Assault_Relic_Maze_1.1.zip/file
  4. Gruntzilla94 didn't made this Soinclenkirbyfan8 made this
  5. Just put your list of Characters that you wish to be made/converted In M.U.G.E.N. and Here's my list: - Dr. Coomer (HL:VRAI) - Gordon Freeman (HL:VRAI) - Celeb, Look I know there's a Celeb in KFA, But, it would awesome to see him in M.U.G.E.N. (Blood) - Gustave, He must be pre-rendered via the program (3DMM) - MT/Lake (Infinity Train) - Spongebob Squarepants with his moveset being based on BFBB & The Movie Game - Patrick with his moveset being based on BFBB & The Movie Game (Spongebob Squarepants) - A better Melee Fox, (Star Fox/TerminalMontage)
  6. >Looks at the second image me: dat ms paint
  7. Rowser64


    Yo your using my edited screenpack
  8. yo did i forget to mention that bao is 12 fucking years old also inb4 トゥイニー1998 fucking dislike bombs the fuck out of everyone who likes 18+ content on the file
  9. lakerwhite.png
    jesee, you did you left me on exiter day morner

  10. mate can i borrow your pen

  11. 2 downloads

    Includes 3 Palletes by Yours Truly, Rowser64 Made For Heavily Armed Satsuki by DrKelexo (_R64-Endlesstrainbook1.act) Turnip - Infinity Train: Book 1 (_R64-Endlesstrainbook1.5.act) MT - Infinity Train: Book 1 (_R64-Endlesstrainbook2.act) MT/Lake - Infinity Train: Book 2
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