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  1. Down two times + Z (teleport button) Select the character with A on the select screen
    Good character, good combos, good sound. A little too much op in ultra-instinct but otherwise fun to play To disable AI you need to select the character with the A key, any other key will select auto-fight To evolve form it's DOWN DOWN + Z, it goes up from super saiyan all to ultra instinct I included a list of all moves by the original creator Movelist & Details of Goku by 280gou.txt
    If you were thinking of downloading this game, don't, try any other mugen version or QoF pack, but not this one Why ? You'll ask, well there's a couple of reasons why i don't recommend this pack : It's version 1.0 of mugen, which means limited compatibility with characters, and a VERY SMALL window that is impossible to go fullscreen with No agressor, only victims in this pack, no instructions whatsoever, you'd expect a minotaur or kuro from a QoF pack but there's none, i don't even know how you are supposed to activate the animations that are present in this pack (characters are
  2. Por qué no suben la versión +18 de esta char?
  3. Haganla compatible para Sprites +18 es magnífica jajajajaja
  4. bugmenot2


    Vaya que mal solo que estuviera mejor en sprites+18 Lamentable que ya no haya tantos Creadores pero es buena char👍👍😜😜😅
  5. WoW pexxy realmente serían interesantes estos chars adheridos al +18 pero ya no hay tantos Creadores de sprites que sepan de esto Nimodos buen arte
  6. bugmenot2


    No podrían agregarle los sprites a +18 alguno que sepa de esto claro o el mismo que subió este?
  7. No tienes +18 o la podrías editarle los sprites a Nsfw?
  8. Y no tenés la de esprites +18 ?
  9. bugmenot2


    Por qué. No la hacéis +18 compatible jaja digo y buen char 👌
  10. My download is broken, Huh, Well, Enjoy this stage! map30stages.ZIP
  11. Now it's fixed! Enjoy, and i hope you like this!
  12. MAP30 - Icon of Sin by Unknown map30.zip
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