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    This is the best Miku sprite I’ve ever seen for MUGEN, and you did a good job on her. My main concerns with the character is that her arm attacks are difficult to use against smaller characters, and maybe she could use some low kicks or something like that. I’m forced to spam her projectile attack against small characters, which feels cheap and repetitive. Also, her inability to crouch makes it difficult for her to avoid attacks. I noticed that she has a crouching sprite at the beginning of one of her hypers, so you could use that for her crouch animation. Overall, this is stil
  1. Though not an 18+ character, Northern Sea Princess is more sus than the Impostor!
  2. My personal final bosses are Zero Two and Kriemhild Gretchen. Kriemhild Gretchen is the ultimate embodiment of despair, and her massive size combined with her dark origins make her the perfect final antagonist. Zero Two is an absolute nightmare to fight, due to his long reach combined with ridiculous combos. Even when I (tried) to nerf him, that didn't stop him from being almost impossible to hit due to you constantly getting combo'd. However, I learned that Zero Two can be attacked if you block his special attack where he tries to suck you into his halo, and attack him quickly enough when his attack ends (if he doesn't happen to guard. I need to figure out how to disable guards for characters, because Zero Two is so long-reach-combo-heavy he shouldn't need to guard)
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