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    Great Sub Boss I have him as a sub boss
  1. hey guys I want to give a character a new move would anyone be willing to help? thanks thanks
    Very Obscure in a good way sadly she cant be edited in fight factory for some reason nor dose she do a lot if anything. Creative Criticism though if she threw meat balls (fireballs) it would improve her or if the pasta was green it would be like gremlin goo/slimy pasta simple edits could make her a very worthy foe. 1 star for originality 2 star cause she looks great
  2. hello fellow mugen fans I am wondering if you could help me I am wondering what the options/choices are for the "cns difficulty" I came across three while editing. Basic, easy , Medium advance what are the other choices thanks also a big shout out to the guy who gave angel from pit fighter and AI she seams to acutely do something now
  3. Mugen Archive banned me lol they invaded my personal space and read a comment I put on another site (Probably this one) and banned me, I feel like a kid again I am getting banned from a site for a video game on its last legs, sad part is I don't know what I said, I may have complained about the download limitations, so tell me your stories of been banned by them lets compare I think its hilarious that they have spies on all the other rival muegn sites to see who talks about them thankfully I download pretty much all the characters I needed but still that's not the point. In the words of Judge Judy Proof or it didn't happen. Maybe there racist cause I'm Irish haha Maybe they shouldn't ban people so the game stays alive.
  4. Hello pussycats/ fellow mugan players I have a challenge for you could someone make me an AI for some characters for me they are really old characters but sadly they don't do an awful lot if anything in a match, and I have a soft spot for them, I mean they do have moves but just don't use them really, I guess the built in mugen AI is bad but yea thanks if you can do something , if you use her you will see what I mean, but if making me an AI is too hard maybe you could tell me what codes to change or something. Angel from Pit Fighter is the character And another Lady called Rhina she has a horn on her head not sure where she is from ! probably tattoo assassins, she also has some moves but tends not to use em much Also looking for a Foxy Brown character basically an afro fighting chick if there is any about! Thanks in advance Thoughts: All them characters from Pit fighter are the same what if angel had all there moves
  5. Deathnun


    Sadly with no AI she is a bit useless and I tried as a beginner to give her one a few times but no joy still have a soft spot for her someone give give her a working AI she has the moves just doesn't use them
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