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  1. Hi

    Welcome Diss! :3
  2. View File Blaze Fielding (POTS/DivineWolf Style) by Rhythmness & gui0007 Previously a beta, now completed. Enjoy! Submitter gui0007 Submitted 06/22/2020 Category Streets of Rage  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    by Rhythmness & gui0007. Previously a beta, now completed. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks SDK. Yeah it's me, thanks!
  5. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD OneDrive MEGA INFO The powerful brawler and waifu from Streets of Rage franchise finally gains a proper version in POTS Style! Here's Blaze Fielding by Rhythmical/Rhythmness and me. Rhyth started on Blaze but decided to stop and provide a Beta version cause Rhyth now is working on other stuff. So i decided to continue with her, doing the necessary additions, fixes and tweaks. Even that Rhyth wanted to add some more stuff on Blaze, i can say that now she's complete, playable and i hope you all enjoy to play with her. 🙂 All details and movelist in the "Read me!.txt" and of course feedbacks are very welcome.
  6. Well, probably some of you here know me from other forums and my YouTube channel but anyway. :v I'm Gui Santos aka gui0007. I working on MUGEN since 2011 started with conversions and edits of WinMUGEN screenpacks to 1.0 and 1.1 Now i'm mostly working on stages conversions/edits and even in characters, specially on updates. I hope to have a good time here since i heard a lot about this site.