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  1. View File Rugal Panther Rugal Panther by 17th_star Submitter andersonkenya1 Submitted 04/12/2021 Category Edited Characters  
  2. View File SFIV_Beautyful bay 1.0/1.1 Submitter Kenjou_Lirt Submitted 04/11/2021 Category Street Fighter IV Stages  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Stage pack made by drewski90. The users who did the stages are: XMCOTA: NeoGouki, Juan Carlos, ZVitor, Jo, Wucash, Phirmost, The Immortal, Inverse, NightWing, PosserT Complete MSH: NeoGouki, Juan Carlos, Omega Red, Inverse, CAMRAT, EXShadow, Kung Fu Man, Doorhenge Complete XVSF/MVSF: NeoGouki, NightWing, DonRamon, MaxBeta, Phantom.of.the.Server, Juan Carlos, chok, Paulo Carvalho, Doorhenge, Kung Fu Man Complete MV😄NeoGouki,DonRamon,kain the supreme,Chok,Phantom.of.the.Server,One Winged Angel,PrimeOp Complete MVC2: EXShadow, jafar, Dakangel. Complete
  4. View File X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Raging Inferno 1&2 By MaxBeta Submitter Darkmaster Submitted 04/01/2021 Category Marvel vs Capcom Stages  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Pocket Fighters Game Scenario Pack. The Authors are: Matmut Phantom.of.the.Server
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a stage pack of the Cyberbots game. The authors are: Peter.pl MINI43 ROBO Z Kung Fu Man YUSUKE XGargoyle EXShadow
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is Gouken's stage in SF4. As with Volcano Rim, he's influenced by JAM. by Kenjou_Lirt
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a stages pack from Rival School game All of them made by Matmut
  9. Version 1.0


    Poison QYC from ???-by QiYue China
  10. 1 download

    By Motorroach, Gladiacloud, Kenshiro99, Imperius It Will no longer crash vselect when added. Optimized animations. Fixed big portrait size. Fixed all the bugs remaining from the original. It should also run smother since it now uses 1.1 sff system.
  11. Version win


    Old school char for y'all By ilcane87 ilcane87 made it for winmugen but i use it in 1.1 and i didn't catch any serious problem. just an intro that has sprites badly connected but idk if it has something to be with the mugen version Comes AI patched Enjoy! (I know you will)
  12. View File MAD PRADATOR (Capcom) By SERGEUS Submitter Darkmaster Submitted 03/21/2021 Category Capcom Characters  
  13. View File ALIEN QUEEN (Capcom) By HSR Submitter Darkmaster Submitted 03/21/2021 Category Capcom Characters  
  14. View File Lt.Linn Kurosawa (Capcom) By Segeus Submitter Darkmaster Submitted 03/21/2021 Category Capcom Characters  
  15. View File Major D.Schaefer (Capcom) By Sergeus Submitter Darkmaster Submitted 03/21/2021 Category Capcom Characters  
  16. View File PREDATOR HUNTER (Capcom) By Sergeus Submitter Darkmaster Submitted 03/21/2021 Category Capcom Characters  
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