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Found 16 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hulk (Webs of Freedom) by Mushypepito123
  2. View File Hulk (Webs of Freedom) Hulk (Webs of Freedom) by Mushypepito123 Submitter CinderFallFan64 Submitted 08/07/2021 Category Marvel Comics  
  3.   #MvC3 #yuyuhakusho #mugen If you use these MvC3 codes, credit all authors here. Important: Only have some characters and stages in the pack, because the FOCUS/RELEASE/DOWNLOAD is the MvC3 announcer. Special thanks to: MvC3 words by Ramon Garcia. Thanks Ramon to bring to Mugen This!!! Stages interaction by Lasombra Mvc3 Words Coded By Splash and Ocorchi_Cr to IKEMEN GO And all credits for the creators of stages/characters inside here. And original productors. Enjoy! Feedback is important!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Stage pack made by drewski90. The users who did the stages are: XMCOTA: NeoGouki, Juan Carlos, ZVitor, Jo, Wucash, Phirmost, The Immortal, Inverse, NightWing, PosserT Complete MSH: NeoGouki, Juan Carlos, Omega Red, Inverse, CAMRAT, EXShadow, Kung Fu Man, Doorhenge Complete XVSF/MVSF: NeoGouki, NightWing, DonRamon, MaxBeta, Phantom.of.the.Server, Juan Carlos, chok, Paulo Carvalho, Doorhenge, Kung Fu Man Complete MV😄NeoGouki,DonRamon,kain the supreme,Chok,Phantom.of.the.Server,One Winged Angel,PrimeOp Complete MVC2: EXShadow, jafar, Dakangel. Complete
  5. About WAR MACHINE: So, I decided to try make this guy after made some codes and sprites/sprites edit. I designed some sprites for animation on the stand, you can see in this video. There are some errors in the sprites, I have yet to adjust. He have 2 stands. In the last video there are no such sprites There are still many sprites to be designed or changed. There are several items to be coded, so the gameplay is not fluid. The 2 Stands animations update, walk foward/back update, pal update I inspired McCready’s WarMachine, Magus, E!, logansam and SD. He will have Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (MvC3) effects like hitsparks and others. DBFZ too. Subscribe not to miss the next videos!! Hope you like it. Feedbacks are welcome.
  6. 52 downloads

    hulk hogan by Brucewayne74 & Yolomate hulk hogan por Brucewayne74 & Yolomate
  7. View File hulk hogan hulk hogan by Brucewayne74 & Yolomate hulk hogan por Brucewayne74 & Yolomate Submitter chibi chibi Submitted 02/17/2021 Category WWE  
  8. View File hulk hulk by chibi chibi hulk por chibi chibi Submitter chibi chibi Submitted 02/16/2021 Category Edited Characters  
  9. 22 downloads

    hulk by chibi chibi hulk por chibi chibi
  10. Bogario


    Version 1.0.0


    Hulk by MGMURROW
  11. Bogario


    View File Hulk Hulk by MGMURROW Submitter Bogario Submitted 01/30/2021 Category Marvel Comics  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    By RobsonMSH Old Hulk
  13. GreyLight


    View File Maestro By RobsonMSH Old Hulk Submitter Darkmaster Submitted 01/29/2021 Category Marvel Comics  
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