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Mortal Kombat (NO Sync SP/Tahan's MK95 Movie Edit)

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Mortal Kombat (NO Sync SP/Tahan's MK95 Movie Edit)

Plot: Mortal Kombat is a martial arts tournament that is held once every generation between representatives of the realms of Earth and Outworld, conceived by the Elder Gods amid looming invasion of the Earth by Outworld. If Outworld achieves ten consecutive victories, its emperor will invade and conquer the Earthrealm. They have already won nine times. Shaolin monk Liu Kang, movie star Johnny Cage, and special forces officer Sonya Blade are chosen by Rayden, the god of thunder and defender of Earthrealm, to prevent Outworld from winning their tenth straight tournament. Liu seeks revenge against the tournament host Shang Tsung for killing his brother Chan; Sonya is lured onto the ship headed for Shang Tsung's island by crime boss Kano, who murdered her partner; and Johnny seeks to debunk media claims that his martial arts skills are faked.Tsung orders the creature Reptile to prevent Princess Kitana, the emperor's adopted daughter, from allying with the Earth warriors.Rayden says the Earth warriors' own fears and egos will make them lose to Goro.

Knowing that his powers are ineffective in Outworld Rayden sends Liu and Johnny into Outworld to rescue Sonya who was abducted by and to challenge Tsung. In Outworld, Liu is attacked by Reptile, but gains the upper hand. Kitana meets up with Johnny and Liu.She reveals to them that Shang Tsung comes from a third realm and brought Outworld to ruin after winning ten consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments there.The emperor adopted Kitana in hopes of inheriting the throne. Kitana helps them infiltrate Tsung's castle, disguised in the robes of his followers.Kitana berates Tsung for his treachery to the Emperor, distracting him while Liu and Johnny free Sonya. Tsung challenges Johnny but is counter-challenged by Liu.It is up to Liu Kang to win the tournament...or another one of Your choosing.

Original edit by Ksylatarsh

*This SP keeps the intergity of the original 1992 Mortal Kombat game however I include similar characteristics of the original movie making for a uniquely combined experience such as...

*Soundtracks from the 1995 hit movie

*Stages bearing similarities to the movie

*Includes a character resembling the unnamed fighter Liu first fought in the tournament

*MK3 Liu Kang is included

*Unlike the original game Kitana, Jax, and Youthful Shang Tsung are also included

*Reptile is accessible...

IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!





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