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The AI Patch Challenge

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Ladies and gentlmen, I present to you: the AI Patch challenge for MUGEN!
What is this challenge?
If you recall, there was a similar challenge last year with the 'Attack of the AI Patchs' and this challenge is essentially that.
You play with another character in simul to take down two AI patched characters.
However, this challenge has a few differences that set it apart.
- Both of your opponents must be AI patched
 - Examples of AI patchers are: Misobin-ism, Holn, DarkLuigi, and me! :)
 - You can use any AI patched character you want
- The life value in the settings must be set to 200% or higher (If you're gonna one or two fights in your video, I'd recommend values 250%-300%).
- The number of rounds must be set to 2
- The AI Level must be set to 'Hard 8'
 - If the AI patched character has configurable settings in the coding (like Holn's) they all must be set to the max level.
- You must fight in a simul with an AI controlled partner (or a friend if you can set it up somehow), however you can also use ADD004's tag team mode.
- No cheap characters like Omega Tom Hanks or Dark Donald.
I have provided a sample fight on my YouTube channel that should give you an idea of what I am talking about.
When it comes to the video you post of the challenge, you can have as many fights as you like.
I hope you have fun with this challenge. :)


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