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Infinite Legacy HD Screenpack [IKEMEN]

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Infinite Legacy HD Screenpack [IKEMEN]

Edited by OroCrimson, original by President Devon, Lifebars original by ZIRU-STYLE.

This may work in MUGEN 1.1, I haven't tested it, but it's designed for IKEMEN's full suite of features.
This was designed for v0.98.1 of IKEMEN Go specifically. Depending on changes to the engine, various features may not work as intended in other versions of IKEMEN. Your mileage may vary.

This is an edit of the Capcom vs SNK: Black Edition screenpack by President Devon.
It has been edited to port to IKEMEN and support IKEMEN's additional features. It also has a changed logo and removed references to Capcom vs SNK, as I wanted a more generic name that can be used to make anything and not be boxed into Capcom vs SNK projects.

The lifebars are the Z-S Lifebar by ZIRU-STYLE. They were modified to incorporate IKEMEN's featureset in xcheatdeath's SVCSomething screenpack. They have been further modified by me to fit a widescreen game, add support for the Ratio system, and some small personal aesthetic and audio touches.

This is a 1280x720 screenpack. 
Please set your resolution to 1280x720 or higher, at a 16:9 resolution for the graphics to be positioned properly.

Place the inf folder inside your IKEMEN's data folder. 
Edit the save/config.json file, and set "Motif" to "/data/inf/system.def" and save.
(If you do not have a save/config.json file, launch IKEMEN once and it should generate one for you.)


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On 6/1/2022 at 9:17 PM, Sternosaur said:

Nevermind I'm dumb I didn't look into the slots folder that's located in data/inf, my bad!!!!!!

Ah, yeah I probably should have included that info in the instructions.txt that's on the front as well. If I make another update to the screenpack (which I have plans to, but not for a while), I'll try to remember to fix that. 

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Does anyone know how to make it so the characters and the stages don't look so zoomed in? I have it in 16:19 and the menu looks fine but when the fight starts the characters and stages look much closer. Looks normal in 4:3 except then the menu looks wrong in 4:3. How do I get the fights to not be super zoomed in?

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