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What is your favorite video game?

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My favorite video game would be anything Sega related! Mugen is also fun to play with friends and family. I also like taking obscure or forgotten games and turning them into something "competitive" as a joke. For example competitive Pac-Man Fever, competitive Teen Titans, and competitive Spider-Man Friend or Foe. Black Spider-Man is too overpowered.

Basically I like it or don't and have no clear favorite. What about you?

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I liked the early 2000s era of Sonic since that's what I grew up with. (Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Riders...) I haven't played classic Sonic games other than the first 2, a pinball game, and mean bean machine. Shinobi is actually my favorite Sega franchise overall. Sonic would come next and then Puyo Puyo.

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My favorite video game in the world is Pac-Man World 2. Its a rly fun 3d adventure featuring Pac-Man. It has different kinds of enemies, awsome music, awsome levels. The snow episodes are the best ones in my opinion. Each gameplay of the snow levels is different from the others. Like running away from an Avalanche which the camera turns and its like your running towards the screen type of thing. Blade Mountain is in which you have rolller skates making the game a bit harder but still fun imo. You can unlock new mazes during the levels. The bosses are the 4 main ghosts while in the final boss battle you fight Spooky.

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I don't consider myself someone who plays video games (which is a little ironic coming from the guy posting on a MUGEN forum) but I will love Worms: Armageddon for as long as I live. Easy to pick up, packed with creativity, and the perfect game for when you want to screw around with your friends. For a game that's nearly 25 years old, it's amazing.

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