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Making a Duo Team (for videos/requests)

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Hello, I wanted to make a tutorial or guide or something about making duo teams and what to consider when making one so here I go I guess. Leave any suggestions if you want.

Of course, you can make just about any duo team work by putting two overpowered characters in and just shoot lasers and flashing lights all over the screen, or just put two random characters that follow a theme but what actually goes into an entertaining team and how can you find a good synergy with two characters? How do you win stylishly and not in a lame way?

Types of MUGEN AI Fighting Strategies

The AI goes into various types of strategies depending on the character, author, ai patches, etc., of course. Some characters prefer one strategy over the other, but generally the more diversive your character can play the better. These are what I label the types as.

  • Rusher
    • A character that rushes in and does massive combos, leaving no room to breath if you're a noob playing against them. This can be viewed on a whole lot of characters, but of course more notably on rushdown fighters, hence the name.
      • Perfect Cell by CHOUJIN (Netyzh AI Patch)
      • Dragon Claw by Reuben Kee (Netyzh AI Patch)
      • Mienshao by Aeton
      • RoySquadRocks' Characters
  • Backup/Reinforcement
    • A backup is a character that usually stands far away and shoots projectiles or supports the other teammate by extending combos by waiting for air comboers to hit opponents toward the ground. This strategy is heavily mixed with other strategy types and is present on more advanced AIs in such scenarios.
      • Patchouli by Kurogane (Netyzh AI Patch)
      • Jedah by Kong (Maro AI Patch)
      • Peach by EugeneQ (Holn AI Patch)
      • Zeeky H. Bomb by Kamek
  • Snatcher
    • A cheesey strategy for 2v2s, a snatcher loves the grab button. Essentially they negate a target for a short or even long while leaving the battle to be a 1v1 scenario between their teammate and the opponent. If you're doing this strategy you need to make sure that your teammate is a 1v1 king. This can include characters that have absurdly long combos and are typically way up in the sky for no reason at all.
      • Shinobi by Pirata Cibernetico
      • Akainu by Gladiacloud (With Generated AI Patch)
      • Zangief spamming Final Atomic Crusher thing or whatever it's called.
      • Unknown by Hanma
  • Defensive
    • This is when the AI goes into block mode and waits for the combo to end to counter attack. You can also include characters that have some kind of "combo breaker!" ability like Killer Instincts or Dengekis, though if there's a backup who is shooting projectiles or at a distance this can backfire immeadiately. 
      • The default MUGEN AI
      • Many Auto Generated AIs
      • A few Unkoman characters, combined with the snatcher trait that do perfect advancing guards or guard pushes whatever it's called
    • Some characters even love abusing the defensive trait to their advantage by spamming projectiles such as Unknown by hanma or Nitori by minoo.
  • Unorthodox
    • When your character is so weird that they don't play like a traditional fighter. It's definitely up to you to figure out how to pair these characters because this can range from a ton of things.
      • Flock of Falling Father Figures by Brergrsart
      • Any character shooting flashes of light on the screen or just being null characters and beyond.
  • None
    • When the character is using the default MUGEN AI lol

Ordering your team

It really doesn't matter too much what order your team is until you start playing on gimmick stages with unorthodox design. Generally you need to consider one thing. Who hits the fstest when the round begins? What does my character typically do? Can they move before the round begins? Here are a few tips.

  • Place Rushers/Snatchers on point (first slot)
    • This way they can immeadiately get damage in of course. Having the first hit can mean a lot when it comes to these kind of battles.
  • Place Backups in the second slot
    • This way if point fails there's a "backup plan" hence the name, that can get the team back on track or to the original gameplan.
  • Take into consideration moving before round begins.
    • If you have for example a MvC character that likes to back up during the round start and shoot a projectile, that will be opening up as a backup. You can also place them on point so that both of your characters are far away, allowing for projectile barrages if that's the kind of team you make.

Other Things

  • It is important that you don't rely on one single strategy or character or it will have a glaring weakness or flaw that can be abused. Generally, I make sure both of my characters are "equal" in a 1v1 with each other so that my team can consistently hold up in the scenario that one of the teammates falls. This will give your team much more diversity when it comes down to it, as matchups are never a direct food chain of characters. Essentially what I'm saying is you have a bigger chance of covering more ground if your teammates can pull their own weight by themselves as well.
  • Just because your team loses doesn't mean that the other one is better and that you should bandwagon them. You may even have the better team but just lost due to RNG. 2v2s can get pretty brutal and 0 to deaths can happen, but consistency is always the better thing to strive for instead of bandwagons.
    • However, you could draw inspiration and maybe even incorporate half the team into yours to see if it works better.
  • Do any of your teammates fill up the power bar before the round begins? Does a character like using their hyper/super as soon as the power bar fills to the necessary conditions? Does that mean you'll open with a very powerful move?

Okay well that's it for now I'll edit this later on with any suggestions.

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