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CVS HD LIfebar (IKEMEN ONLY) by DoomJoshuaBoy

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CVS HD LIfebar (IKEMEN ONLY) by DoomJoshuaBoy

low health fix:



This is the moment you are all waiting for this new year's lifebar as a thank you for subscribing my channel.

This lifebar was inspired by my old time favorite game called: Capcom VS SNK 2 and only works with IKEMEN GO as it contains extra features.

Changes from 1.01:
Redesigned to make it feel less cluttered.
made a new font for names
4v4 bars are in
added 480p Compatible.
added actions in
changed combo font numbers to red instead of white.


Hello IKEMEN DEV AND GAMERS, Thanks for downloading my redesigned CVS HD LIFEBAR.


Original authors:

This is an IKEMEN ONLY lifebar. So if you put it in mugen or winmugen, IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!

It has two sizes (be sure to change the resolution in the config (save/config.json)):

HD (fight.def)   
SD (fight480p.def)

if you want to get actions to appear replace those in your ikemen config (save/config.json):
"CommonConst": "data/cvscommon.const",

"CommonStates": [

Thanks everyone and have some fun.


Happy fighting



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