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What's the dumbest way/s you died in Arcade/Survival?

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The title speaks for itself. I don't want to shame you, i'm just curious :/

Mine was with Dee Bee Kaw's bear trap. I placed it, ran onto the enemy, attacked him, back-jumped and landed on the trap, thinking it was farer away.

An answer can even be trying to defeat someone with a cool move/finisher, but dying before doing so.

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On 6/6/2022 at 8:27 PM, kil0-meter said:

On a similar note, when I forget I have a certain character installed, let's say Rare Akuma for example, and then run into that certain character all of a sudden

this is one thing I dig about IKEMEN, that we can also exclude characters from Survival there too so that we don't get our whole run stopped by an Akumus Rarus 

On the other hand, I think it's kinda funny having him in massive rosters. Out of 1000+ characters, encountering Rare Akuma lives up to his name. 

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When I use The_None's Giygas fighting againts CPU Giygas and he traps me into his mini-games, especially the voleyball trap where you need to hit one ball and make it go up using physical blows. Since Giygas has 2  physical attacks  and they are slow and don't have much precision so that stupid mouth always ends eating my Giygas.

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