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GrooveNights Lifebars 640x480 [MUGEN 1.0 & 1.1]

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GrooveNights Lifebars 640x480 [MUGEN 1.0 & 1.1]

Hey Guys! It's BruskNuke and I'm So Now finally done with this Lifebars, This is the GrooveNights Lifebars That I made Couple Days Ago. This is my First Lifebar Release, so I will be a Advance or expert of making some more. You Probably wondering If this Lifebars Can Work In 480p Mugen 1.1? Well, the answer is Yes, This does work in 480p 1.0 and 1.1. Also, I Apologize of the Name near the pruple stuff. I would just leave it how it looks. I'm gonna make the GrooveNights Screenpack, If I can because I haven't made a Screenpack Before. And what's Great is the GrooveNights Custom Lifebars will be out soon, So If I can't make it, then I apologize. Also, I'll be making more Lifebars soon. And! Have fun with the GrooveNights Lifebars!

Fix Name:



What's in this Lifebars?
- 9 Winning Icons
- 2 Types of GN LB
- 2 fight.snd files

There are 2 types of this Lifebar.


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