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Okay! Let me introduce myself. I am Archangel Mikey. Former collage artist on Deviantart, palette maker and a soon to be Youtuber! For my MUGEN project, my goal is to create a diverse multifarious cast of characters to my roster! You can expect to see a lot of familiar characters from Super Smash Bros., Dragon Ball, Marvel Comics and Street Fighter! The roster I am using is Gwapao's Unknown roster. It can contain over 2000 characters at once! I was even SO meticulous about it I did it on graph paper! 40 characters in each row I originally planned it on IMT's Blue 1.1 roster. This roster project of mine has been over 5 YEARS IN THE WORKS FOLKS! 2017 to 2022 and probably beyond! There will even be a stage selection collage. Stages will be added overtime. Think of that as like your map guide but for a stage select. Note that it will not be implemented in the game 'cause that would grind my gears like a stressed out college student trying to work on a batshit crazy essay on a very certain subject. Here are some pictures of things you can expect to see in the game! If you wanna see more, I now have a Gamejolt account for over a year and a half to "ketchup" on the latest news for my MUGEN roster project! Questions will be answered soon. But for now, that's all I have! If you have any questions about this, feel free! Gotta go! 



Screenshot (3673).png

Screenshot (3674).png

Screenshot (3675).png

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