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Hello pussycats/ fellow mugan players I have a challenge for you could someone make me an AI for some characters  for me they are really old characters but sadly they don't do an awful lot if anything in a match, and I have a soft spot for them, I mean they do have moves but just don't use them really, I guess the built in mugen AI is bad but yea thanks if you can do something , if you use her you will see what I mean, but if making me an AI is too hard maybe you could tell me what codes to change or something. :)

Angel from Pit Fighter is the character

And another Lady called Rhina she has a horn on her head not sure  where she is from ! probably tattoo assassins, she also has some moves but tends not to use em much

Also looking for a Foxy Brown character basically an afro fighting chick if there is any about! Thanks in advance

Thoughts: All them characters from Pit fighter are the same what if angel had all there moves

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