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M U G E N 1.1 The Last Blade 2 with the intention of passing it on to ikemen

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hello people, nice to meet you, I come with this contribution and project where I have only put together pieces and edited music since I really like how it refers to this snk game, a jewel today, my mother tongue is not English but I really want to provide jewels that should not be forgotten, thanks for reading and taking a little bit of your time :)


Currently there are all the original characters with their fighting styles: power, speed, extra.

and also exclusive characters of mugen or ikemen created with a lot of love the truth is that each one of them is very beautiful where the main creator is HAL.

here is his twitter account twiter  /HAL_510

obviously there are other creators of lastblade style chars that give it that beautiful character and meticulous detail where the pixel art stands out far from other fighting games.

I want to thank all those who actively participate in this project that will not stop giving support, it is currently 100% supported and ready to share for the community

I have a passion for mugen and ikemen but I am not very intelligent to understand the code, always in my spare time I learn a little in a very superficial way and I appreciate any help and opinion on the projects that I build, the truth is that there are few, I am from Chile and It is always a pleasure to talk and incorporate something new, thanks again and I will be updating this post whenever I can as many as download links among other details

link de descarga https://mega.nz/file/8I41FCCJ#LwrDw1QiWFWywK4EymsnNbKQbZAlbcTj7NYFthEaqOk 

link donde dejo mi respaldo https://t.me/ufjejf


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