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Nostalgia Critic

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Nostalgia Critic

Well,decided to upload here again,this time i bring you this little char which is called "Nostalgia Critic".

Original by:SSKye,Edited by DuckSS.


Special attacks:

Dragon punch - DP_x or y
Gun Shot - QCF_x or y (Available to use in air)
Crouch Gun Shot - QCF_a or b
Diagonal Gun shot - QCB_x,y,a or b
Air Downward Gun Shot - QCF_a or b
Roundhouse kick - QCB_a or b + You can link this attack with extra attack by pressing DP_x,y,a or b
Try to hit me - x+y or a+b
Unfair throw - When you're near p2 press y
Critic Knee - DP_a or b

Hyper attacks:

LvL1 Super gun shoting - 2QCF_x or y
LvL1 CRITICal kicking - 2QCB_a or b 
LvL1 Super dragon punch - 2QCB_x or y
LvL2 The stick of magical power - 2QCB_x+y



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