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MUGEN alternative subreddit opening up

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As most of you probably already know, r/MUGEN is owned by MUGEN Archive and as such bans people for the same frivolous reasons as that site, blocks all discussion of other MUGEN communities, and has all links in the sidebar point to MUGEN Archive. 

A few years ago, a couple of people opened up the subreddit r/MUGENFreedom as an alternative subreddit people can post to. Unfortunately, the only active mod deleted their reddit account a few months ago due to the API changes (which is fair and I don't blame them).

Since I felt an alternative was still important to have on the platform, I've taken ownership of r/MUGENFreedom. It's been given a fresh coat of paint, new rules, flairs, all the good stuff. If you want to join a subreddit dedicated to MUGEN, please come on by. 

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