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Hey all, sup.

I dunno why I'm making this thread so late but here it is anyway. If you post a request under this forum section a video is 100% guaranteed.

That being said, it's not actually true because I'm not going to do your video if it follows either of these formats.

       1. The video is an 18+ request.

Sorry but I'm not into making those types of videos and I don't want them on my channel. I don't even think it's allowed

       2. The request is a barrage request.

A what? Sometimes people post like three requests on my video before I even get to read them. Well, which request do you want me to do? Do you want me to disregard the last posts or do them all? I'm just gonna ignore barrage requests.

       3. No 1.1 requests.
Both of my video captures flip out when I try to record 1.1. Sorry


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