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·Technical Commands
○ Standing Y+Z
○ Standing A+B
○ Standing B+C (far distance changes) The distance is middle, and the distance is two.
○ Scratch A+B
○ Strike B+C
○ throwing technique (approach)→ or ←/Z
○ throwing technique (approach)→ or ←/Z (in the air)
●Black            → X or Y or Z
●Redges        (in the air) ↑/→X or Y or Z
●Hell Goraku        ↓/←/A or B or C
●Hurugi Hell Goku    (in the air) ↓/←/A or B or C
●Iitate        (in the air) ←/↓/→/Y&Z
●Black thunderbolt    (in the air) ↓/+X&Y
◎the art of whirlwind and flame hell

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