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Sad Claps

Alright, I don't really understand what this guy is. I know it's supposed to be an edit of Reza's Cyclops, but it seems that there's extra code that gives him... interesting effects... The code can do these effects:

  • Multiplying the velocity
  • Randomly playing random sounds at random
  • Randomly skipping frames
  • Gaining an ability to control back at random
  • Being able to warp the screen
  • Resetting to the idle state if left in a current state long enough
  • Randomly mangling with the current attack's properties
  • Gaining power depending on the current velocity
  • Gaining/losing power and life at random
  • Randomly making clones of himself on hit

Not all these effects have been applied to Sad Claps, but the effects that didn't apply to him can affect other characters depending on the code or character, I don't know. All I can say is that it's a bizarre character, and is classified by the SaltyBet wiki as a character corruption. Yeah, once you see, you'll know why...

Edit made by DrKelexo.


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