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Sup, yall. I know this may seem a little funny but does anyone here play Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL? I'm trying to get this game off the ground for competitive because this game literally has like 10 active players with me an my brother possibly dedicating the most time to it. I just want to see if there are some other players out there who are "passionate" about this game and play it pretty much every week.

So overall, what are your thoughts about this game? Why do/would you want to play it? Or do you think it sucks?


Here are some links you may enjoy!

Dolphin Netplay Build (From Discord):!FQFiBCTR!0SO-ftyzKYmamXE16jr_13cmOGd25WTDABB5FbvCurc

Punch Time Network (Competitive Discord):

Tier List Maker:

Punch Time Wiki:


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