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Who should I use at Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL netplay tournament?

Who should I use at Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL netplay tournament?  

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  1. 1. Who should I use at Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL netplay tournament?

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Time for some more Punch Time Explosion talk! Who should I use for tournament? Want to join tournament? There isn't a date yet but join the discord to get set up! https://discord.gg/AK7jxzq

All are listed from who I believe is strongest to weakest.

Grim, playstyle is pretty much Marth but has an attack where his sword is 2x longer and has a cloud neutral special that travels as far as a Samus full charge shot.

Aku, too infamous for me to need to explain.

Vilgax, another range character that deals a shit ton of damage

Billy & Mandy, the most ridiculous troll character I've probably ever seen who generates special move very fast, and on top of that using this special move will increase your special move bar generation.

Samurai Jack, has some neat sword combos but range could use a little work. He's like Fox with a sword.

Numbuh One, has the best air mobility in the game and a cool looking combo game. Many tools that simply make him a great character

Dexter, a patient character who has multiple range options and a few mindgames.

K'nuckles, just runs up to people and punches them. Has a move that places a "Snake mine with anti-gravity" midair that causes stun to anyone who touches.

Mojo Jojo, Numbuh One and Dexter combined but slower and just not as good as either character he copies.

Blossom, another infamous pick but overrated into oblivion. She has some nice combos though and is pretty fun to play. Lacks tools to deal with range and bullshit hitboxes like Vilgax's down smash.

Chowder, a pretty braindead character. Imagine Kirby's neutral special had knockback scaling, was faster, you can do it out of shield, ignore ledge grabbing invincibility, rock just causes an explosion where you are and doesn't move you down, and your up special is Bayonetta's but with more range and doesn't even multi-hit just launches you away.

Kevin is a character who can rack up damage really quick and has moves that can let him close in easier than others.

Ben Tennyson is a mindless character who relies heavily on alien forms.

Johnny Bravo is another mindless character who spams combs and hits people with up special when they get close.

Buttercup is a character who has a few neat combos but somewhat short on the range department. A very average character.

Father is where the "viable" characters begins to fall or stop. Father considered borderline viable due to his lack of range. He is a strong and quick character with some decent combos otherwise but his low range hurts him bad.

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