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Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling were twins girls born in a village of Senjutsushis. Both of them were raised to be Senjutsushis as they were taught of its art by their beloved master. They were great girls that people cared about and respected, and even though their personalities were different (Hsien-Ko had a very strong interest in guys and martial arts while her sister was more into weaponry and cooking), the two were close. On the ceremonial night when they were woman who were close to becoming Senjutsushi by their master, their village and people were attacked by a group of supernatural beings knows as Darkstalkers sent by Jedah Dohma. After their master was murdered, their mother gave her life to protect them, but because of this, her soul was trapped in darkness by their powers. To release their mother's soul from the darkness, Hsien-Ko uses the Igyo Tenshin technique to turn into a Jiang-Shi. Mei-Ling, her older sister, turns into a ward to make sure Hsien-Ko doesn't lose control of her darker half that has been building inside her. The two set off to hunt down the Darkstalkers who attacked their people, and help innocent people as a Darkhunter of the night.



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