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kamen rider G3X

this character has manny weapons and belt sytem aslo this character has assortment of weapons at his disposal

like mellee weapons and guns and also he has a secret pallet that makes him cheep



bio:Makoto Hikawa (氷川 誠 Hikawa Makoto) is Kamen Rider G3 (仮面ライダーG3[ジースリー] Kamen Raidā Jī Surī, lit./short for "Masked Rider Generation 3"), the secondary hero used in the 2001 Kamen Rider seriesKamen Rider Agito, using technology in place of the mystic nature of Agito and organic nature of Gills. He's the first Secondary Rider to appear in the series. G3 was based on The Unidentified Lifeform No. 4 or Kamen Rider Kuuga.


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