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(English): #mugen #mugenpowerrangers Subscribe not to miss the next videos!! In this video show you more Billy wip progress and NEW EFFECTS (DUST, EXPLOSIONS AND NEW HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Billy Blue Ranger has the combo words from Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite -MVCI. NOTE: THE MVC3 HITTSPARKS ARE NOT OFFICIAL, I WILL MAKE SOME CHANGES. Epic Mugen Battle Between Power Rangers (Billy) Vs GOKU (DRAGON BALL) SPAWN, MAGMA DRAGON (MEGAMAN GAMES) AND JOJO BIZARRE!!!!!!! AND MUCH MORE LIKE MUGEN WIP POWER RANGERS BILLY HYPERS!! JOJO BIZARRE, ANDROID, DRAGON BALL,MEGAMAN, SPAWN, SMASH BROS STAGES the mugen version for android is a little unstable. Any information can search on google, I still don't understand a lot. Any suggestions for improvement in the videos or order will be welcome. Enjoy!
(Português): Inscreva-se para não perder os próximos vídeos!! Nesse vídeo apresento-lhes o progresso de Billy (está em desenvolvimento ainda, por isso tem vários erros). Billy Blue Ranger está com as palavras de combo do Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite -MVCI. Apresento os novos efeitos e hypers!! Obs: As hitsparks MvC3 serão alteradas, não são oficiais. Batalha Épica no Mugen entre Power Rangers (Billy) Vs Vs GOKU (DRAGON BALL) SPAWN, MAGMA DRAGON (MEGAMAN GAMES) AND JOJO BIZARRE!!!!!!! Qualquer sugestão de melhoria nos vídeos ou pedido será bem vindo. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn6zfD7blHWEbBOEgZSJEvQ?sub_confirmation=1


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