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8 hours ago, Archangel Mikey said:

Who is the true MUGEN Antagonist?

Depends on what you're looking for.  The main antagonists tend to be Giygas, Rare Akuma, Elque, and such.  However, the ultimate antagonists are the ones you can't overcome, at least not through normal means.  I'd say the creations of M.U.G.E.N. that are nigh impossible to beat, those being the WinMugen cheapies, particularly the ones that are actually made with malicious intent like what Mathrus was rumored to be.  Cybershell made a whole video dedicated to talking about it, in fact.

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In mugen you can choose who can be your final boss.
In general, I don't usually choose cheap characters, because it doesn't make sense.
However, I can choose a boss of the same character with a less cheap version.
A final boss that I might like... Abyss, suave dude, akuma and others.

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