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Giygas (ギーグ) by fhqwhgads7 2ND ROUND! MUGEN BOSS

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Hinata Wakaba (me) vs Giygas (CPU)

First stage

In his first form works like a stationary character. It's hitbox cover fullscreen and he can't block attacks, however this doesn't mean that he will be an easy opponent. Both Giygas health bar and power bar are continually filling so if you don't attack it in some time he can recover his full stamina. You need to hit it in order to defeat his first form like a regular character.

Second stage
Once Giygas is defeated one round he woun't be damaged by attacks anymore so attack him is useless. The idea is that Giygas become unstable and he can't control his own powers anymore. There's no way to hurt him, the only thing you should do is keep your character crounching like if you were praying for your life... When the game register certain amount of time of your character crounched the screen banishes and Giygas fill his power bar inmediately, however if you stop crounching wether you dodged some attack or you got hurt by Giygas attacks the time you were crounching will reset and you need to restart the process. Unlike most characters in MUGEN Giygas attacks causes cheap damage and that's the deal of this boss. He will try to cheap you 'till your character can't resist anymore so I decided to use to Hinata Wakaba because she can dodge attacks in order to reduce the cheap damage the more possible. This second stage last a lot and you need to banish the screen several times before you can reach the third and last stage.

Third stage
Giygas becomes even more unstable and now he makes use of his feared hypers the Rocking Omega and the Stars Storm. The first causes a massive damage if hits and a ridiculous amount of cheap damage (about 40% stamina) and the second are unblockables proyectiles and the damage they causes is massive as well. In my video Giygas decided to send me the Rocking Omega.To say the truth I was thinking that my character was going to lost with the cheap damage but surprisingly I could resist because my succesfull previous dodges. Luckily the third stage lasts much less than the second. At the end when appears the message "Our hero's cry for help touched the heart of the player! Now's your chance! Free them from the darkness dimension!" you need to press F1 key in order to beat him and that's the only way to get it. Very unbalanced fight 'cause if you are using a character that cannot dodge attacks or even block you will be dommed yes, I tried so hard to manage try beat him using my main Omega Tiger Woods but all was in vane. Hinata Wakaba was a good second option for me, though.

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