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MUGEN Matches - Omega Tiger Woods vs Meteoric Marisa

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Omega Tiger Woods (me) vs Meteoric Marisa (CPU)

Well, what can I say about this video? Meteoric Marisa is one of those characters that everyone'd like be far away from her. Meteoric Marisa AI is pretty cheap. She frecuently uses that infamous Star Warps while she gains invencibility frames and after these she can punish you from behind and combo you untill you get KO'ed. I was able to find a brief window of opportunity againts her using OTW anti-air attack, yes that "HERE COMES THE AIRPLANE, PSHEEEEEW" attack because Meteoric Marisa AI tend to confuse a bit with it, somehow (She blocks it a lot). However it isn´t so easy with her triying to close to you all the time and being so cheap as she can be. After a couple of painfully defeats I just felt like the time to finally beat her has came. Perhaps I just felt The Eye of the Tiger, who knows. Also I think this song perfectly musicalized the match. I just think this was just like magic. To the hell with the YouTube copyright guidelines and to be honest, this video is my all time favorite fight talking about my videos.

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