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We see a dirty brown mug with flies. A hand drops coins to the mug, and we see a closeup of the inside of the mug. After that, the camera pans to a dead child's hand, also with flies, then along his head, body, and legs. The camera pans back to the mug, then the screen fades to black. In white text, the Filipino proverb, "Aanihin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo? (What good is the grass if the horse is dead?)" is shown.

Music/sounds: A sad piano/synth music and a sound of a coin dropping. The synth note at the beginning is almost similar to the PS1 startup sound.

SFX/FX: Live action

Scare factor: Medium to nightmare, due to the somber music, the ambiance, and most notably, the presence of a dead child swarmed with flies on screen. The black screen at the end also contributes to the scare factor.

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