Sonic(Me) and Super Mario MUGEN Survival Superstar Show Part 1!!!

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My 1st M.U.G.E.N mugen survival, since Sonic(Me) and Super Mario have great teamwork, I want to test the mugen survival out which went really well!!! Sorry! I stopped the survival mode because the video went a little too long, maybe I should of did more mugen survival rounds then stopped, but I would make another full survival next time.

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Get Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog mugen characters Here:
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Super Mario:
Stage - Wii Menu: Menu.html
Music - Superstar - SMAP:スーパースター★/

Round 1: Piccolo and Super Sonic
Round 2: Underdog and Android 16
Round 3: Sagat and Espio
Round 4: Ai and Great Wario
Round 5: Classic Raiden and Ermac
Round 6: Athena and Card box
Round 7: Giga Bowser and Peach Toadstool
Round 8: Super Mario and Peach Toadstool (again)
Round 9: Dodgers and Dark Spine Sonic
Round 10: Luigi and Cyrax.


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