Super Mario and Peach Toadstool vs Sonic and Amy MUGEN

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This Is Couples vs Couples M.U.G.E.N battle. 

Download Full MUGEN Games, Characters, Stages, Screenpacks, Lifebars, Add-Ons, etc. here:
Download Characters here:
Download Stages here:
Download Screenpacks here:
Download Lifebars here:
Download Full MUGEN Games here:
Download M.U.G.E.N Engine Games here:
Download all 3 Versions in 1 Fighter Factory Package To Start Creating Your Fighters:
Download More AK1 MUGEN Files:

Here is The Link for the characters:
Super Mario Ver. 2:
Peach Toadstool:
Freedom Fighters Pack: Fighers Pack.html
Sonic MH:
Amy Rose MH:
Stage - Princess Castle - Super Mario 64: Mario 64.html
Music - Super Mario 64 Sunken Suite OC ReMix:


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