MUGEN Party 7/17/1999 (20th Anniversary) 4v4 TAG Battle!!!

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Hello MUGEN Fans! Today is July 17, 2019 and we're going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of M.U.G.E.N ever since the release date which was July 17, 1999 and it's very hard to believe that a custom 2D fighting engine game existed in the late 90s at that time! Probably was very few characters that was playable in the '99 era but surprising to hear that this game appear that long ago! As for that, I have made a battle of Kung Fu Mans team facing his student A.K.A Kung Fu Girls team! Which team do you think is going to win? Find out by watching this video!!!

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Left Team:
Kung Fu Man
Dragon Claw
Homer Simpson

Right Team:
Kung Fu Girl
Super Neo Mario
Iori Yagami 71113

Download them here!!!
Kung Fu Man:

Dragon Claw:


Homer Simpson:

Kung Fu Girl:

Super Mario:


Iori Yagami 71113:


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