how to make a Basic Screen Pack Final lesson Part 6

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the screen pac guide is now complete

I would like to make clear that I went ahead and took all my time to get all this done to help everyone to understand and learn how to make your own screen pack if you have any other questions about regarding with the guide that I provide for you guys please let me know however I am not going out of my way to help fix your own troubleshoot but I will will help you and see and find out what is your problem when you're making your own screen pack I'll try to troubleshoot your problem and then tell you what you did wrong but then you have to fix it yourself after that that's the kind of support I will willing to do for anyone who wants to learn about screenpack please use simple words that I can understand do not use short-term questions that don't make no sense to me you have to be very clear and very detail what's your sentence so this way I can look and see what went wrong and I can give you the proper answer of yours troubleshooting when you're making your own screen pack


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