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Undefined Universe 3.2c

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About This File

Version: 3.2c | MUGEN 1.1 ONLY.
It is recommended to read the README-INSTRUCTIONS.txt file first to avoid problems.

Well... there is not much to say, a port of Infinite Soulabyss for MUGEN 1.1.
The difference is that Undefined Universe has many more attacks instead of Infinite Soulabyss.
Undefined Universe is a character to check other character's defense, it should not be used for winning or losing purposes.
In this version, is now recommended to use DirectX as rendermode.

It's important to set some options in the "mugen.cfg" file, which is located in the "data" folder.
Change the following values to ensure that Undefined Universe works properly:
GameWidth = 640 (or 960)
GameHeight = 480 (or 720... as long as it's a square.)
ExplodMax = 4096
RenderMode = DirectX

[Showcase (1.20e Showcase)]



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What's New in Version 3.2c   See changelog


[Undefined Universe ver.3.2c (Major Update, maybe the last update...?)]
- Added a new defense (It's recommended using DirectX in this version).
- Cannot use F4 or Shift+F4.
- UU can be played continuously for many matches and all modes. (So yeah, no restarts.)
- Fixed softlocks.
- Forced varexp.
- File integrity system.
- Added Anti-Lag.
- The results are now more faithful to ISAs.
- Select effect.
- Added new anti-cheat system.
- Stability, Optimization and Attacks are now improved.
- Slightly changed the order the attacks/universes.
- The first theme is now slightly changed.
- Visual and sound bugs fixes.
- Added another easter egg.

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