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        While the original version by tannergates is... more-or-less one for novelty, this version greatly improves the mic rula by giving him tweaked specials, new hypers, huge gameplay changes... in other words, a massive overhaul.


        • The special changes were very much needed.
        • The gameplay feels much more smoother
        • Making a special that just feels weakly implemented into a hyper is a great move.
        • All the new stuff that's added, especially the Super Hero hyper.
        • The option to toggle the Adult Swim logo, if you want the match to feel like something that'd actually air on it.


        • Shake feels more lacking in specials than he does hypers.
        • Although his gameplay has improved, he still feels a bit clunky in some areas.


        • Maybe add the Energy Drink back as a hyper that increases your speed or attack for a short period of time?
        • Make the Standing Medium Punch feel slightly less slugish?
        • Make a patch that may be more... YouTube-friendly? I'm not sure if the songs in the Headbangin' winpose could trigger the copyright, but just to be safe, a patch to just have all the songs be the ATHF theme/themes would be nice if we don't wanna worry about that.
      • Awesome char with cool special moves thanks for sharing !

      • An amazing screen pack highly recommend to others !

      • I always have to remember to lower my expectations when it comes to cartoon characters. Honestly in this case I'm glad I did that because this Patrick isn't all that great.

        First off, Patrick plays in a very clunky fashion. There are a lot of moves that you'd expect to chain into each other, yet they just don't. For example, you can chain standing LP into standing MK, but not standing LK into standing MP. On top of that, his frame data's all over the place, e.g. his standing punches come out and end at the exact same time. His hitboxes are also a little too straight-to-the-point; there's almost no range on his light kicks. This is especially apparent in air combos, where if you're not facing a massive opponent you'll just whiff your air LK 99% of the time. All this makes his combo game feel very unsatisfying.
        Even though Patrick has 3 specials, you're better off just using the cartwheel. It's an easy infinite, has the best range, and since it doesn't have any cooldown it can even be used as a combo starter. While the ice cream toss is also an infinite, it usually goes straight over the opponent's head unless you're standing right next to them, in which case you're better off using the cartwheel because of the lower startup time. The towel whip is basically just his standing MK but slightly worse, and the EX version doesn't even change anything about it.
        His hypers are similarly not worth using for the most part. "Towel Star" is way too situational, only shaving off less than 1/10th of the opponent's lifebar at best, and the other two hypers are programmed in a way so that they can't even be used outside of a combo. "Diesel Dreaming" is the much better option as it does almost twice the damage as "Rock Smash!" for less the power.
        Finally, Patrick has a very spammable roll. It almost works as it should, but since there's no collision boxes on Patrick it means that you're free to use it to your heart's content without having to worry about ever getting hit. Similarly, Patrick does not have any collision boxes on his walking back animation at all, or his backwards hop.

        In spite of all of what I just said, Patrick...isn't entirely bad. He's actually coded in a somewhat functional way for the most part. He does not seem to be able to clone himself or get stuck in the air, and you can use him without breaking the game, but of course I haven't tested him for too long so that may very well be possible. There are a few hints of creativity scattered throughout the character (I thought the "surprised patrick" losepose was funny), and even though Patrick's moveset isn't good, it's got some neat ideas. In fact, one peek into his sprite file reveals a whole bunch of unused sprites that could've made for decent additions, like a Wario-esque shoulderbash and the orb of confusion. There is sort of a "missed opportunity" feeling going on, but IMO there isn't much that can be salvaged from this Patrick.
        Ultimately, Patrick is another cookie-cutter cartoon character creation (try saying that five times fast). There's much worse Spongebob characters out there, but as it remains Patrick isn't really a character I would recommend unless you're a collector or something, or if you really just want a Patrick in your roster.

        Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go type up another essay about a cartoon character!!!!!

        Fun Factor - 2/5
        Gameplay - 1.5/5
        Functionality - 2/5

        Overall - 2/5

      • It's been a while since I done one of these. Anyways, as beta tester, I may be a little biased here, but this is the best version of Jaiden around. The moveset is small, but the effort put into it is plenty. It also shown me that requested characters made by MUGEN kids are not great, but find the right creator, and a commissioned character can have a lot of heart and effort put into it.


        • Excellent moveset.
        • The moves that were in AwesomeBlue's version are actually done right in this one.
        • Simple but still easy-to-use gameplay.
        • Some really great moves that are new to this version.
        • The cute little bird that follows her around (I sadly don't watch Jaiden's videos, so I don't know its name, sorry).
        • The Anime Jaiden hyper. Be able to pull it off on a low-health character and you'll know why I put this here.

        THE ONLY CON:

        • The NSFW bits, which are against her wishes against NSFW (but she also didn't want people attacking her on her behalf), but rating stays five-star because it's purely optional.
  • File Comments

    • Interesting, the first AK1 Mugen exclusive.

      Edited by ActMan
    • Alright, since I know there are a few people out there that are concerned about this being a commissioned character: don't be concerned! The author has no intention to profit off of this. Commissioning a MUGEN author works in the exact same way as commissioning art. You pay for their work and not their tools, much like how someone paid SB for Jaiden and not MUGEN. Even Elecbyte themselves said:

      "Under this license, permission is granted to use the M.U.G.E.N
      free of charge for non-commercial purposes.
      Please note that Elecbyte places no restrictions on the distribution
      of character files, stage files, add-on packs, or similar items which
      operate under the M.U.G.E.N Environment, that do not contain any
      significant portion of the M.U.G.E.N Environment itself

      Now if Jaiden were packaged with the MUGEN engine or whatever, that'd be violating their rules, but as it is, it's perfectly okay.


      (not a fan of the NSFW animations, but hey, at least i can turn them off)


      • Thanks 1
    • This guy shouldn't be in the originals section*

      *unless sonico really did make Gru all by themself, in which case I feel a lawsuit is in order

    • And finished!

    • good, I liked of this character.

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