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  • Black Princess Tohka   By Amaterachu1

    --AnTor_M-- Another anime chick from some anime. Tohka Yatogami is one of the main female characters of the Date A Live series. She is also the first Spirit saved by Shido. Tohka is a finnish name!?
  • Yoko Littner   By SDK123

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    CVS/POTS styled Yoko Littner by Warusaki3 & Cruz. Last update: 16/08/17. Video by Jadeeye.  
  • Miku Hatsune   By Amaterachu1

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    --YU-TOHARU-- I need to leach off those Miku crumbs! Download your favorite Vocaloid now! It's a Japanese anime girl! She sings for you! She has memes! Quite the smart AI! She isn't dumb after all, she beats everyone even Goku!!!   (My lame attempt at being flashy but there's a lack of different flashy images and Mugen related content)
  • Yang Xiao Long   By SDK123

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    Yang Xiao Long by OHMSBY. Added AI patch by Holn (Separate def.)