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  1. Version 1.0.0


    --Trasgo7 & SUPERFERNANDOXT-- Hydro power! AI Patch: Slightly Stronger (More active)
  2. Riesbyfe and Blackheart form my main mugen team and have a very great synergy with each other. Both work on keeping up pressure against their opponents and if one of them fails to jump in and gets hit the other is usually ready to correct the formation and get straight back into fighting. During battle Riesbyfe is usually up close forming high damaging combos and Blackheart sends monsters and projectiles from afar in support though both are well suited for either situation.  
  3. German (Surprised I didn't share this yet)  
  4. Open the animation file in fighter factory and save as gif
  5. Amaterachu1


    The image needs to show how the character looks in game! Like the one I just uploaded for you.
  6. Amaterachu1


    @ScourgePlease upload a preview image!
  7. The weirdest match will you ever watch... again.  
  8. The strangest match you will ever watch from this game.  
  9. You can see a few basic Bubbles combos in this video   
  10. Brudda you need to change your password

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