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  1. Yeah but they are in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, can you believe that
  2. Still can't believe these guys are in Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing
  3. Welcome, @OldGamer! This community has been here for 2 years now! I'm actually surprised it has been that long.
  4. You can update already existing files with the File Actions tab under the description I've already kept this reupload and got rid of the old one. Puedes actualizar archivos con "File Actions" bajo la descripcion. Ya lo hice.
  5. Pretty cool
  6. Sorry, but the only thing I could get was the VS screen at least. .-.
  7. Hi

    This is also a pointless post. Please read further
  8. Nice to meet you, Troy
  9. I think Taokaka is my favorite too. Though my favorite cat person in media would probably be Black Cat
  10. Not anymore! That was a total mistake lol enjoy!
  11. There is no download filter, there shouldn't be. What are you talking about dude ------------------------ Okay I see. Sorry, I don't really know why that's there.
  12. Lol, lots of people seem to be coming here from that site. I welcome you, fellow traveler. Just download whatever you want!
  13. Yeaaaaaaaaah Knuckles
  14. Hope you enjoy!