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  1. Hi. This is Hsien-Ko your gf... haha
  2. Seems to be from a game that's visual novel+RPG? So I moved it but idk. It's called 天の光は恋の星
  3. If I chose to pin some characters there according to my standards it'll be Mario by ShinRyoga Bowser by k6666orochi Mario by k6666orochi Kamek by Neo-Kamek Luigi by k6666orochi Peach by EugeneQ In that order of priority. Not sure about those others yet. Mario and Kamek are classic iconic characters especially on AK1's channel. The k6666orochi characters have an overall better visual quality for AK1 to use in videos. While Peach is only a beta character, it's truly the best Peach we've got right now. Peach also happens to be an iconic Mario character in general. Wario by Warner and Yoshi by Mike or whoever it was that didnt make an 18+ edit can be honorable mentions but not neccessarily in that list for me.
  4. Time to go back to representing Romania with their best rapper  
  5. 📐Welp I guess we're going to Bosnia and Herzezegezegegovina 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  
  6. View File Master Chen --CESARSOMBRA-- Welcome to the Holosseum... Now you fight the master... CHEN! Submitter Amaterachu1 Submitted 01/11/2022 Category SEGA  
  7. Amaterachu1

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    --CESARSOMBRA-- Welcome to the Holosseum... Now you fight the master... CHEN!
  8. @cesarshadowPlease put the author in the description
  9. You're right I think I do want to pin Peach no tbecause I'm biased or anything 😁
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