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  1. Leo (#8 2022) vs Valen (#7 2022) in losers finals  
  2. Hard Samurai Jack AI gets bad bracket luck and has to fight Leo again.  
  3. This time around, Leo finds out a way to beat the almighty Hard Samurai Jack AI. Soon, he may even win a tournament/mini.  
  4. What in the great mighty waters of Poseidon's name happened to my homies in MFFA? 😭 It seems many can not log in now, hope things can get up and running again soon. Wishing the best.
  5. 7z files will not (and honestly have not been to my knowledge) be deleted or converted to zip anymore.
  6. Currently, Sonic will be based on 2000~2005 era. After Sonic is complete which I don't know how long will take (or if I get stuck on some coding thing), I will begin work on Ulala and continue going down the line of most voted. I already have sprites for all characters! I also need to play Sakura Wars eventually before I begin working on those characters so they could be the last ones made.
  7. Me messing around with the Jack AI pretty much best Billy and Mandy main vs best Samurai Jack main  
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