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  1. I'm just wondering how she still standing and why she that obese at such a young age
  2. Alright yall I've had it. I'm too busy for this website. If your file breaks the rules it will be deleted without notice. Should've read the rules. Thank you.
  3. I said to stop marking uncomplete reports as complete and then you went and marked uncomplete reports as complete so of course I'm not doing that 😭
  4. Wow okay then I wont make it at all gonna be like that 😭
  5. I'll make it once you stop marking uncomplete reports as complete 😭
  6. There's no delete button, you used to be able to request a ban through PM but that's not a really safe "feature" to have so all you can really do is abandon the account.
  7. No, I don't think@kater15 can merge this file at all
  8. Amaterachu1


    Obama mains with their god damn sniper rifle. I removed him and replaced him with Barack Oboama mwahahahaa
  9. She changed the file to Predator Chun Li. I have no idea what that means and I dont want to find out
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