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  1. Right click the folder, send to > zip file Or just upload what you downloaded
  2. Authorrrrrrrrrrrr Zip fileeeeeeee
  3. What's even more stupid is the amount of people who are hating this with a passion 😂
  4. Authoooooooooooooooor Especially when it takes 20 minutes to download
  5. An original character isn't defined as original coding. An original character is a made up character from any user or person. A character that has no official significant business coverage or the character's only appearance is in Mugen. It may have stolen coding but the projected character would be categorized original due to being unofficial.
  6. for fun

    Well I tried to poke you back but I got an error lmao
  8. for fun

    You mean "Trickery?"
  9. Author in description please
  10. Um... it's a character .-.
  11. Damn, I don't think I saw this. I'll make a video right now. Better late than never.
  12. View File Megaman --Amaterachu1-- Submitter Amaterachu1 Submitted 11/06/2019 Category Mega Man  
  13. Version 1.0.0