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  1. Có ai ở đây là người Việt Nam không? ...Không phải người máy?
  2. Is nobody else gonna sign up? More prizes for the rest of us! Nyahahahahaaaa
  3. There's actually a problem with email confirmations going on that I've notified AK1 about but idk when it will get fixed
  4. The Ai wasn't patched correctly lol. The def file didn't refer to the new aisummary or aihelper2 files and the aihelper2 file was missing entirely. Mans was running with the default Mugen AI. I reuploaded a working patch
  5. Welcome to mod status! :D

  6. Here is the bracket. The seeds will be shuffled on the last day so this is pretty much just a list of participants and not necessarily who you will be up against. https://challonge.com/g6r5mst4
  7. Greetings all, I'd like to run a test tournament. This will be the Super Duper Tournament from Peru. This will be AI based. Link two characters on the website to participate in a 2v2 simul team. Create the best team you got. There might be a prize in the end...!? There are minor restrictions. Basically nothing super cheap. (In other words make sure none of these qualities are present in your character) ZET's Shana and AnTor_M's Lou Zhenhua in 12p is a gatekeeper. If your character can consistently beat/tie Shana OR Lou then they won't be included No OHKOs. Moves with super high damage don't count but only if it's a super/hyper and requires full meter. No BS "That's a counter!" crap that breaks comboes or is a result of the AI being coded poorly. So if you submit something like a Dengeki character I might disable this feature. Your character can have this for a super/hyper move at the least. If you want the counter to cost meter then request so and I won't disable it, though your character is probably gonna waste a lot of meter as a result. Bosses that consistently don't have any or much hitstun or recoil like Mecha-Zangief or Bowser SMW3 are banned. This includes characters that can't even be damaged direclty at all such as Chuck Norris or even something lower tier like the Ghost Palette on ShinRyoga's Mario. Your character can have this for a super/hyper move at the least so Vision or Youkumo are allowed. Your character does infinites or zero to deaths that are pretty much one hit kill moves and may even take forever to finish resulting in unecessary stalling. (Unkoman's characters sometimes) No heavy stalling. AKA the no ladders rule. Some characters jump way off screen only to never come back down. Kong's flying characters do this sometimes (which I've already patched out so no worries about submitting them). Some characters are just super glitchy and jump out forever. No uncalled for regeneration that happens for no reason like Rare Akuma or Dark Donald. Any healing or self healing needs to take the form of a super/hyper and should only heal a portion. Some Melty Blood and Darkstalkers characters will self heal a small portion. This will also be disabled if present. Make sure your life value doesn't exceed 1200. Your attack value doesn't exceed 130. Your defense doesn't exceed 130. In the case you submit a character with an overflown stat value it will be reduced to the default values (look at Kung Fu Man's cns stats). That means even characters like Hotel Mario will be reduced to 1000 life. No palettes that change gameplay will be used. No 12p, no 11p, none of that. If you find a cheapie loophole in these rules nice job. You are expanding the rules of any potential future tournaments and contributing very well. And a thing to note I will be using the strongest AI patch possible if you just plainly submit a character and don't specify one. Please specify any extra cosmetics or AI patches if you wish. If your character doesn't have an AI it'll probably get patched with AI generator. The date where registration ends is August 8th. That gives you plenty of time to devise a plan! Also I will be participating with my classic main team! Good luck everybody.
  8. We don't really upload official songs in the Musicbox. Those go in Official Music Videos if it's on Youtube.
  9. En la arcihivo .def Hay cosa como este sprite =MarvelTemplate.sff anim =MarvelTemplate.air sound =MarvelTemplate.snd stcommon =DCvsMarvelcommon1.cns cmd =MarvelTemplate.cmd cns =MarvelTemplate.cns st =basics.st Hacer ; al lineo sound. Como sprite =MarvelTemplate.sff anim =MarvelTemplate.air ;sound =MarvelTemplate.snd stcommon =DCvsMarvelcommon1.cns cmd =MarvelTemplate.cmd cns =MarvelTemplate.cns st =basics.st
  10. They're okay, but Dee Bee Kaw is kinda choppy don't you think?
  11. Boogers aren't green, they're yellow
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