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  1. Mala Rodríguez! My ambassador to Spanish hip hop. Also idk if PT. is a good way to shorten presentando but it is now.  
  2. I just realized I don't have any Spanish raps up yet.  
  3. I couldn't find any Dutch raps from Belgium so here's another Netherlands one.  
  4. Studio freestyle from the Netherlands.  
  5. Dang yall are spoiled lmao
  6. Damn the memories of the old days. I didn't care about this video whatsoever back then... and I still don't lmao but damn the nostalgia.
  7. @DejaVuFlameBruh, I understand you don't like him but you can't just attack somebody's character out of the blue like that. It would count as a harrassment warning. Please keep your Dizzy hate with friends and in private messages if at all, but I'd advise not to call anyone a "scumbag of a human being" in general. Thank you, please 💜
  8. yooooooooooooooooooo really hell yeah I never thought he'd make this. I'm not gonna download it but cool anyways bruh you got my like
  9. Please don't post nsfw in the gallery, thank you

    1. DejaVuFlame


      Understood.  I didn't know if what I posted would be going too far, but I should have realized.  Thank you for reminding me.

  10. Looks like The Fugees have finally broken the most viewed music video streak established by King Giddra!
  11. Nope! Looks normal to me. I'm not sure why it looks like that for you or anyone. Maybe some weird settings.
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