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AK1 Upload Rules


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Greetings, all! :x

For the past 3 years there have been a set of unlisted, extremely flexible upload rules that were "enforced" (in my perspective whenever I felt like it). I'm absolutely sure that an official public set of upload rules is long overdue and I'll probably get half credit off of the essay, sorry Mr. Pinesley. But anyways here we go guys. Time to set some things straight.

To start things off, we're going to talk about the website itself, since I don't think a full blown separate topic is necessary. The AK1 community may have originally started as a place for @andersonkenya1 to upload Mugen content related to his Youtube channel. Once I joined, with the goal of helping @andersonkenya1 upload this content I also uploaded characters never seen on his channel to attract more viewers to the site and possibly have said characters appear in a video. Since then the site has evolved and spread more and more with fresh new users and content. It's safe to say this isn't just a Youtube community anymore. Generally we are a pretty chillax community due to these Youtube roots and the ultimate goal is just to have some fun. You ain't seeing me write this super professionally do ya? That's because I'm talking to you like anyone else here.


  • That's right, don't talk crap about other individuals or group of individuals please. I know some of ya'll might be disappointed in this rule and hopefully 9,861.53% of you guys are okay with this rule but it's a given on any community site in general. Honestly the bar here on what you say is a little hazy and I can't just list things you can't say. Just use some common sense basically; no flat out insults, hate speech, ignorant comments, etc.
    • (4/7/2022) So to add onto that, freedom of speach is quite broad here because this is a site founded by Americans. B| You can say just about anything unless it does the following
      • Attacks a group of particular people or persons
      • Sexual stuff outside of 18+ sections that nobody needs to read.
      • You post gibberish nonsense outside of the face typing thread (this includes random website links that have no context and are just posted randomly)
      • You say something legally concerning (which would most likely offend the first bullet anyway) whether by country or even other websites.
        • There are many different legal laws around the world so this is gonna be iffy to implement, sometimes people may say things that are just normal to other places in the world. This rule is mostly telling you to just be aware that what you post here is your responsibility.
      • And that's about all I can think of right now until somebody does some sneaky bypass and I add a new rule here.
    • If you see anything negative and people shit talking each other please report it! Thank you



Okay whatever, show me the upload rules and stop talking about things that have nothing to do with uploads!

Okay buddy. First off all files updated/uploaded before 8/12/2020 will not be heavily affected by these rules, but not necessarily excused from them either. If you see a file breaking these rules simply report it so we can fix it. Thank you very much! :x

1. General

In general, anything MUGEN related gets posted accordingly to whatever category your file belongs in; stage, character, full games, add-ons like lifebars, palettes, screenpacks, etc. These categories come with multiple sub-categories so search out the series you believe the file belongs in. Be sure that the character you upload isn't alreaady uploaded to begin with. Also make sure your upload is in zip or rar format instead of just the contents of the zip file like def, cns, cmd, etc (pieces uploads will be deleted on the fly). 7z is accepted as well.

(We like to leave the base category empty and have a category for each file uploaded. As you can see the stages base is somewhat of a mess because I personally don't know where they come from. If you would like to help sort these out use the report feature explaining what series these stages come from, thanks! xD)

  1. Please please please, include the author's name preferably in the description. Any file without the author name may be fixed, but it also may result in us pinging said uploader to add the author name in the description and may result in a possible deletion if left uncared for.
    • If you do not know the author, you will still have to list "unknown author" in the description.
    • Any 18+ character that is uploaded without the author name included will result in automatic deletion. Sorry bro, we just don't want "18+ Goku super saiyan" in our downloads history.
  2. On the topic of 18+ characters, they are allowed but nudity in preview images or any form in general is unacceptable. We aren't a hentai site, we're a Mugen community.
  3. On the topic of preview images, a sprite image of how the character looks in-game is very much preferred. Exceptions so far is if you are the creator of the character you upload and provide a youtube video of the character in action. Similar to the author rule your upload will either get fixed or result in a ping asking for a proper preview image. Possible deletion if left uncared for.
    • Pretty needless to say but an 18+ character without a preview image will automatically be deleted. Not only are you putting "18+ Shaggy Rogers rock hard version" in our downloads history but we have to see some shit we most likely don't want to see.
  4. AI patches are allowed but the way we do it here is packaged already with the character and as an alternate download.
    • If you upload an AI patch without the character included already please refer to a moderator or administrator (https://www.andersonkenya1.net/staff/) and provide an on-site link to the character file if available. If you do not see the character your AI patch aligns to go ahead and upload said character and include your AI patch on the post as a second download.
  5. We allow multi-character and multi-stage packaging which will honestly probably be a huge disastrous mess in the future but hey bro messes can be cleaned up but for now post them in their respective categories.
  6. Final rule aimed towards creators. If you have created a character uploaded on here and you wish for ownership of each file please go ahead and ask an administrator or moderator. 
  7. Do not upload private leaked content in the download in our website (AK1 MUGEN Community.)
  8. Do not upload a file that contains a virus in our website. (AK1 MUGEN Community.)

This is a list of creators that do not want their files uploaded to this site. Their loss anyway MWAHAHAHAHAAAA-



  • @Finola
  • @sinθ


2. MISC. Section

Not too much to say here. This has been here since the site came up. It's a section dedicated to non-Mugen related content. Currently, all files are of other games. This section throws every rule above completely out the window because it's so underdeveloped but try and apply the above rules the best you can anyway.

There are a few things to note though

3. MusicBox

Music files have their own browsing section, the musicbox. Please upload your music related content there and in the general category your music belongs to. (https://www.andersonkenya1.net/musicbox/)

  1. In addition if you want to share popular/mainstream music we have a videos browsing section (which is used for more than just music; https://www.andersonkenya1.net/video/) and in addition to that section is a Misc. Official Music Videos section where you can share youtube links to official music videos. When sharing popular/mainstream music this is the much preferred way of sharing.


Alright guys, you like that? Yeah pretty short and somewhat messy, there's a first for everything. These are definitely going to change over time as all rules do. Be sure to occasionally check on this topic after a while.

World peace and love to you from @Amaterachu1 💜 Time to start a Yoshi dance party!


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Adding more rules to this website.
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First of all thanks for creating this site and for not having limits and blocks for downloading and uploading.
I'm always talking very well about this site in my mugen group on facebook .
And I have a lot of mugen files and whenever I have some free time I will go to uplaod for this site.
I just ask that you never put download limits or rules for downloading like there are on some sites out there.
And you can always count on me, but please never change these rules ok.

Primeiramente obrigado por criar esse site e por não ter limites e bloqueios para o download e upload.
Eu estou sempre falando muito bem do desse site no meu grupo de mugen do facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/MugenDownloadLinksAndShareRamonGarcia/.
E eu tenho muitos arquivos de mugen e sempre que eu tiver um tempo livre vou ir fazendo o uplaod para esse site.
Só peço de coração que nunca ponham limites de download ou regras para baixar igual tem em uns sites por ai.
E podem contar comigo sempre, mas por favor nunca mudem essas regras ok.


Primero que nada gracias por crear este sitio y por no tener límites y bloqueos para descargar y subir.
Siempre hablo muy bien de este sitio en mi grupo mugen en facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/MugenDownloadLinksAndShareRamonGarcia/.
Y tengo muchos archivos mugen y siempre que tengo algo de tiempo libre voy a ese sitio.
Solo le pido que nunca ponga límites de descarga o reglas para la descarga como lo hace en algunos sitios.
Y siempre puedes contar conmigo, pero nunca cambies estas reglas, ok.


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On 14/08/2020 at 7:52 PM, Mashtyx said:

I'm okay with everything

but there is no plan of making a mvc arrange, cvs arrange and pots syled chars/pots arrange section? that would be really helpful

i hate seeing mvc, cvs and pots styled chars everywhere

yes good idea Admins if possible do it for us ;) mvc arrange, cvs arrange and pots styled chars/pots arrange section & infinite chars that are amazing too.

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6 minutes ago, Amaterachu1 said:

That's probably something for @andersonkenya1 to look at.


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4 hours ago, RAMON GARCIA said:

last try of today ok, i will let here only to report my problem i hope its happen only with my internet https://prnt.sc/u2jkko

I just found out that this site space is close to full which is also causing your uploaded file to show errors. I'm working with the hosting group to extend more space for this site so we can keep uploading big files. I will tell you when they have extend more space for this site so you'll be able to upload more of your full game files without any errors.

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3 hours ago, andersonkenya1 said:

I just found out that this site space is close to full which is also causing your uploaded file to show errors. I'm working with the hosting group to extend more space for this site so we can keep uploading big files. I will tell you when they have extend more space for this site so you'll be able to upload more of your full game files without any errors.

ok thank you so much for the answer @andersonkenya1  i have +- 2000 DVDS with a lot of offline and rare mugens fulls, chars, stages, screenpacks etc to do the reupload to your site.
If you get do this i will upload ever to your site and he will be the best site of mugen of history ;)
And thanks again to create this masterpiece of site he will be the best site of mugen in the history if continue without limits ;) 

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