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  1. Version 1.0.0


    --Ahuron, MGbenz, FerchogtX, DarkWolf13, walruslui, ExShadow, InfinityMugenTeam, Mouser, Violin Ken & Preppy-- (lmao that's a lot) I was not that convinced with the other 6 palettes, so I made this one. It looks kinda edgy, but also I think it's cool.
  2. Well uh Is not like Kamehameha means something else in Dragon Ball.
  3. I actually though what Waluigi was gonna be in smash at the very end cuz... u know.
  4. God he's actually really generic, probably even for the time where the first Kingdom Hearts came. I din't wanted this character to close the fighters pass actually, probably my less favourite option for a fighter since they started to wanting him in the game. Even if I don't like what he's closing the fighter pass, at least we got Steve. Waluigi is just a dream now.
  5. Lemme check the wiki page about him.
  6. Eso depende de la compatibilidad de los sprites del enemigo.
  7. Results: Wario Apparition: Dizzy used some kind of power to avoid Wario's instakill, so the fight ended. Rare Akuma: He ded after some combos lol Homer's Day: Even with the mortaal exploding car spam, he couldn't. Sans Ver. S: Sans stunned her a lot, but he got tired and got attacked EVEN when Dizzy was still being attacked by the GB. Divekick Doom: bruh he instakilled him lol Chuck Norris: He made Dizzy dissapear from the stage, but the K.O thingy din't appeared, so it's a tie. Faggotnppd666: He survived a lot of her attacks. He managed to punch her and mak
  8. Shut up you dumbo bastard looking dumbo stupid you know perfectly what FNF is addictive cuz you tried it some months ago so don't insult this or u ded
  9. Gave FNF an opportunity some months ago.

    Best choice in my life.

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    2. General Dorito

      General Dorito

      The gameplay is basically Dance pad games but with keybinds. It sounds simple, but It ended up being addictive somehow. If you're gonna play it, download the Whitty mod on this page instead of downloading the Github vertion or playing it on Newgrounds. The mod basically contains the entire game (except Week 7), Whitty week and options to make it playable. THE ORIGINAL GITHUB ONE DOESN'T HAVE OPTIONS.

    3. DejaVuFlame


      I mean, I honestly can't say the same.  I absolutely suck at FNF, and besides, as creative as the community can be, it's really all for what's essentially a DDR clone.

    4. General Dorito

      General Dorito

      Sadly, but still,  the game revived Newgrounds so lol

  11. Everyone shut up. This girl is from FL Studio, an animated anime girl who dances to your creations in FL Studio. Not offence, but I wish what this goddamn game dies soon.
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