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    Hey, that's pretty good.
  1. AI check.
  2. Good grief.
  3. WOAH!
  4. What a coincidence. I went to see what the recommendations were and I ran into the nostalgia in the form of music
  5. And me, General Dorito, have a dream.
  6. Doom? Reminds me to Doom.
  7. Gel

    For a moment I thought it was a damn training dummy >:/
  8. A-Bomb Rare Akuma Chuck Norris Daniel Type-CHEAP vs Crazy Catastrophe... For now (FOR NOW, I don't know if I will continue to have it in my selection of char) I will download it, and if it beats those mentioned above, I will download A-BOMB MK2 or Dark Donald... And if Crazy C. defeats them, I will uninstall it. I can't have much power in my hands.
  9. How the hell does this Chomper attack? Well, it sounds obvious ... but how does it do it? I think it's a variant of Kuromaru or something.
    Well... good AI and attacks... good sprites and... well, cool. Good char if you want another char in your Survival team, i guess.
    Cool movie, cool character, reasonable attacks.
    *Absolute happines noises* Thanks, bro.