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  1. General Dorito


    Yeah, he telled me what he can ad an X-02 Strike Wyvern in the game. The Wyvern is literally aircraft.
  2. That's why I rated him 2 stars, because the "Inmortal" joke.
    Yes, he's a joke characer, but a not good one. He only steps on you and he OHKO you. He's "inmortal" (insane lots of healt). That's all. A lazy character, but understandable joke what Duane is inmortal.
    A character with good sprites, an AI that doesn't seem to know what's going on at all and one of the strangest gameplays I've ever seen. Her normal attacks are already projectiles, a slap that I can hardly combine with much and a rare staff that targets a specific area. This character doesn't seem to want to be a normal one, she seems to be more of a mini-boss character than anything else, with strange and uncomfortable gameplay.
    Air combos and somewhat fast combo ability. A good and interesting character that I can't say much about. The downside is that its special moves (some) are generic and it has EX moves, which makes it more difficult to use, and its sprites are strange too.
    Good character AI. Of course, it has a slightly strange soundpack and the sprites of it want to provoke you to do something that you would generally do with the help of Kuromaru. I don't know if the character himself has such exaggerated attributes, but for these reasons I give her 3 stars, for the excess of THICCnes (for something you have the 18+ characters) and for her AI.
    One of the definitive characters of all M.U.G.E.N if that is what you can call him. Fast, beastly movements, an exquisite taunt and probably a lot of powers. The only thing that I see bad for this character is his gameplay that is not as comfortable as those of MvC and that he has an infinite movement with Y and one with B.
    I don't know where this guy comes from, but he's a unique character in the game. He is a poorly trimmed emote in M.U.G.E.N related to a song. He has good movements, I even managed to stop time with him. He doesn't seem to have any more paddles and has infinite movement with D + A. It's an interesting concept, but I wouldn't recommend it for streams or videos, as his copyright can be extreme.
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