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    The funny Geese, he grabs his own explosions and he transform into 1990 Geese or something like that, I only played KOF once.
    The funny Rugal, powerfull AI, moves and creative things like Magic Geese.
    This guy is a legend, an """invencible""" char what make you lose your survivals or arcades, fight him hit Schrussel-Pre (I think I wrote that good) and check the winner if you have time.
    Cursed character, but... Idk how they make this guy a good character.
    This little bud is something weak, he flies a lot, but his combos are... 🙅‍♂️.
    Such an strange character, but his gameplay and moves are... acceptable, I guess.
    I guess this boy is ok, he's converted to M.U.G.E.N, but his audios are low.
  1. Version 1.0.0


    --Acey-- I never think about these kind of chars before. Tier list: 4/5
  2. View File Cable (Custom) --Acey-- I never think about these kind of chars before. Tier list: 4/5 Submitter General Dorito Submitted 09/30/2020 Category Marvel Comics  
    Cool gameplay and moves, this looks like some defensive long-ranged character.
    Acurrate gameplay, I guess. This guy is an real chalenge.
    I guess this is one of the best DK here in M.U.G.E.N, look these moves and that gameplay.
    What can I think about an funny, but lazy soundpack like this?
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