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  1. Ow, you. ANOTHER Miku here. I feel harassed by her.
  2. I opened my mouth on this file: And this robot, singer, or whatever it does not stop appearing in my life does its thing again. Incredible.
  3. 2020 is getting...

    freaking worse.


    EVeRY COpy of ThE EarTH IS PeRsOnALIzEd.

  4. Vocaloid always haunts me in the form of images and references. I'm tired already.
  5. 315.48 MB? That leaves my Mario HD ashamed.
  6. Every ZIP, 7z or RaR file of First Dink Smallwood is personalized.


  7. This Shao Kahn guy.
    The definition of a cursed char.
  8. I say Z-Valmar Killer Shermie-Pre-78 D3 WB-y Sadist XXI 87rd (MMD) (HD version) & Knuckles? Sorry, I wanted to say... [+18] Z-Valmar Killer Shermie-Pre-78 D3 WB-y Sadist XXI 87rd Plus (Kuromaru, Minotaur & BUYA TARO compatible ver.) (MMD) (HD version) & Knuckles V5 (General Dorito's command edit) [STAGE INCLUDED!!]
  9. Every time I see a char with a letter before or after like an edit I think of: Z-Valmar Killer Shermie-Pre-78 D69 WB-y Sadist XXI (MMD) (HD version) & Knuckles
    I can't do a full review of this game because... Its difficulty makes it unplayable, the controls are bad, the graphics as well and even the audios, but some animations are decent. Please just dedicate yourself to M.U.G.E.N chars.
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    --Warusaki3-- You won't see me post a CvS gameplay style char in a long time (I think). Tier list: 2/5 AI Patch: Weaker and took way to damn long to make work only for it to suck
  11. View File CvS Yun --Warusaki3-- You won't see me post a CvS gameplay style char in a long time (I think). Submitter General Dorito Submitted 06/25/2020 Category Capcom vs SNK  
  12. flash games

    I'm downloading it. Please, I don't want to be dissapointed again