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  1. Idk man, if it doesn't appear maybe just download another version of these DIOs.
  2. The damage is supposed to appear after the time stop
  3. Version 1.0.0


    --Ahuron, MGbenz, FerchogtX, DarkWolf13, walruslui, ExShadow, InfinityMugenTeam, Mouser, Violin Ken & Preppy-- (lmao that's a lot) I was not that convinced with the other 6 palettes, so I made this one. It looks kinda edgy, but also I think it's cool.
  4. I actually though what Waluigi was gonna be in smash at the very end cuz... u know.
  5. God he's actually really generic, probably even for the time where the first Kingdom Hearts came. I din't wanted this character to close the fighters pass actually, probably my less favourite option for a fighter since they started to wanting him in the game. Even if I don't like what he's closing the fighter pass, at least we got Steve. Waluigi is just a dream now.
  6. Lemme check the wiki page about him.
  7. Eso depende de la compatibilidad de los sprites del enemigo.
  8. Results: Wario Apparition: Dizzy used some kind of power to avoid Wario's instakill, so the fight ended. Rare Akuma: He ded after some combos lol Homer's Day: Even with the mortaal exploding car spam, he couldn't. Sans Ver. S: Sans stunned her a lot, but he got tired and got attacked EVEN when Dizzy was still being attacked by the GB. Divekick Doom: bruh he instakilled him lol Chuck Norris: He made Dizzy dissapear from the stage, but the K.O thingy din't appeared, so it's a tie. Faggotnppd666: He survived a lot of her attacks. He managed to punch her and mak
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