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    This character has pretty much everything. Gameplay what can be comfortable to some, challenging AI, etc etc. She suffers from a big problem tho One of her Hypers sends you out of the screen and therefore you're forced to press F4 to restart.
  1. his name sounds like a drug what starts with c and ends with k put that word and add "er", that's the censored part
  2. wtf why people are destroying me with downvotes even in comments where it makes o sense to put ones

    about the characters, in trying to be as objective as possible with the reviews. the snowmen rating was biased at that time lmao but i think it deserves the 5 starts in an objective way

    don't downvote some of my random comments what don't actually deserve to have those, you are actually looking like raging kids who want to ruin me instead of  talking. i don't say that as an insult btw, i just can evade thinking about that



    sorry if there is bad english, i didn't use translator for this one

    just be honest with me and why are you downvotting like there wasn't any tomorrow, i'll try to talk it out and fix whathever i did wrong


  3. so mario is actually a counter instead of a distration? lmao
    Fuck you. Fuck your mom. Fuck your dad. Fuck your grandma. Fuck your granpa. Fuck your uncles. Fuck your sons.Fuck your family. Fuck your brother. Fuck your sister, Fuck your friends. Fuck your ancestors. Fuck the doctor who helped you to get born. Fuck your family tree. Fuck your everything.
    Weird animations that seem incomplete, edits to sprites that don't match, and audios that is layered on top of other audios from the character himself. The good thing are the audio itself and the combo system with the challenging AI. I hope you can improve these problems in the future, I have faith.
  4. this character can only be controlled by the AI btw
    Eraser but 3 other erasers with different sizes move along with you. Made to be OP, he's OP. This char succeeds in it's objective
    Despite being kinda difficult to use and having a kinda weak AI, these are not really problems because with practice it can work well. Great moves and combo potential.
    Exactly the same with Kim. Really good combos and AI, but the damage is absurd.
    Really good combos and really good AI, but the problem is the unfair damage what it can perform on a single combo. Still pretty good character overall.
    She has prettymuch everything what makes a char good, she even comes with a stage. The only problem is what her AI is quite unfair.
    Amazing sprites, amazing moves, amazing combos, everything is amazing with this character. An absolute 5 stars rating.
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