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  1. BAD NEWS!: GreenShieldy a.k.a Luisbaretto1 got BANNED on MUGEN ARCHIVE! HELP!

  2. Alice in Wonderland anyone?

  3. Lots of love from your biggest Marvel Legend - Stan Lee (Long Live Marvel Comics Creator).
  4. Wow, I thought he looks like a Dalmatian.
  5. I actually know better than Dark Chibi Chibi herself.
  6. GUYS, I'm Locked out of MUGEN FREE FOR ALL as I've accidentally changed my account and disabled my email notifications by accident help me PLEASE!

    Link to my page: https://mugenfreeforall.com/profile/23450-トゥイニー1998/

    1. Kano1


      I don't know what to do but just a comment😀

  7. Politoed would better of eating 18+ Minotaur, Aqua Slime and Kuromaru - They're tasty for him.
  8. Yes, I remember seeing an episode of Pingu called 'Pingu's Dream' involving this Terrifying Walrus guy that literally gave kids nightmares!
  9. What's up with those ridiculous downvote bombing from my opinions? I'm really getting sick and tired of this crap!

    1. Kano1


      I give up the upvote so you don't get bored

  10. Oi! Quit downvote bombing mate, everyone can express their opinions.

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