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Refrigerator by KUROGOMA, edited by HelloMyNameIsAAA


What is this ?

This is an edit of Refrigerator by KUROGOMA. A few things got changed compared to the original character in order to be more competitive in an AI match setting, either against a player or another AI character.


What changed ?

Reworked the hitboxes.
Increased the power gain from the charging move.
Modified the watermelon helper. Watermelons can no longer hurt their user. They become active much quicker, at the cost of having a way smaller duration time.
Either the cans and the watermelons have a chance to be spawned from all basic attacks, including the crouching and jumping ones.
Basic attacks can hit downed opponents.
Freeze effect from the counter have a smaller duration time. Its damage have been slighty increased.
Refrigerator Final will land its attack much quicker. Damage have been lowered.
Redone the AI entirely.
Added an intro sound and changed the deathscream.
Note; Palette modes are left unchanged



A,B,X,Y; Basic attacks
C; Power Charge
Z; Basic Parry
HCF, x; Weak Charge Attack
HCF, y; Strong Charge Attack
HCF, x + y; Fast Charge Attack (Uses 330 Power)
F, y; Grab (Yes, this thing can perform a grab attack)
HCF, a or b; Guranteed Can Projectile
QCB QCB, x; Counter Attack
HCB, y; Guranteed Can and Watermelon Projectiles (Uses 1500 power)
D HCF F, x; Refrigerator Final (Uses 2500 Power)



Mars 2 2020

Life is lowered to 1400.

January 20 2020

Cleaned up the long range AI in both coding and behaviors. Life and Defense was changed to 2000 and 100 respectively for some reasons.

November ?? 2019

First known Release



This characters have palettes modes. Those are unchanged. Some notables one are those is a few that grants a random effect,
and a 12p that gives immunity to almost all attacks and the ability to spawn A LOT of watermelons instantly.


Special Thanks !

Elecbyte !
You, for downloading this edit.
KUROGOMA, for creating this character
Gumhoy, for basic helps


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