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[MUGEN IKEMEN] Tunometecabra and the edgy gore alien girl vs Shirtless Go... Wait this isn't Gojo

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In its way to get some challenge and training while waiting to fight its son and bored about the lack of challenge of the world where he lives, Yujiro went to MUGEN after hearing about some of the most challenging boss fights on the earth, so he got excited to get some decent and challenging fight, but this world had him one condition, to fight along with someone and after a long research and hating this condition, Yujiro just found out about a violent, gory, deranged, misanthropic and gory alien that matches most of its characteristical fighting essence and the first boss to fight he haves is neither more nor less than Sat... God orochi. How will the interaction be between these 2 against such a broken character?


Ok, resuming all that shxtload, this is just a cool random fight I just recorded on OBS XD.


If you want to subscribe, don't forget to turn on notifications so you can get access to the updates I upload. 

For now won't accept matchmaking requests (I don't have an upload plan since this is a side project and I have work to do outside of this, plus my roster is not very big).


Here's the download links for all the chars on the video

Yujiro Hanma by Tokage: 

Lucy diclonius by Crucifix: 

God orochi by Ahuron: 



Bg music: https://youtu.be/919FgQAkFW8?si=j4pZ2BY417pnrhNO



Video's out on June 11th at 12:45 PM GMT-0400, so if you want to stay tuned, make sure that you hit the follow button :)



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