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After an intense match, the hikikomori vamp and the humanoid rabbit decided to organize a rematch to eliminate the danger that the ancient arts from "La Vecindad" represents so they brougth out other 2 strong fighters to the ring, I mean, even the fvcking annoying orange is there, but is too late, Ron Damon and El Chavo became so strong that they even trained 2 more members. So, we have a really interesting battle on our hands, who do you think will win? 


Watch part 1 here: 





I was a bit innactive It's been really difficult for me lately, and I recently lost my long-time pet, wich made my innactivity longer.


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For now won't accept matchmaking requests (I don't have an upload plan since this is a side project and I have work to do outside of this, plus my roster is not very big).

Here are the contents shown on this video:

Video will be available on Sunday


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