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By JJkoolaid

Download link here that also includes other JJkoolaid characters with updated patch versions at One Drive.
https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsZOw0hipnFTakZi...COkdM?e=EdPMCM (https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsZOw0hipnFTakZiYXCaE1COkdM?e=EdPMCM)

Carnage joins the JJkoolaid roster.He is fast and has deadly arsenal of biomass weoponry. Carnage is force to deal with especially for those airborne type of characters using his needle spikes and his incredible reach.

-6 button MVC2 Format
-New Voice by JJkoolaid
-New Moves
-Has challenging Ai
-Great Combos
-MK11 type Special Intros with other JJkoolaid Characters
-Gets updates comeback and check this file again!


All Special Intros

More fighting Demo

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