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Mi oh by jade_midori

What's New in Version 1.1


 -Corrected version dates because this character is from 2022!!!!
   -Extended invulnerability to projectiles period on Karate Kick
   -Added Wire Damage animation compatibility (anim and code)
   -Added support for end stagger animation (anim and code)
   -Guard Cancels should be less difficult to do at the cost of them being easier to bait (can do them during guard slide)
   -A few more frames of invulnerability on her QCBx2 + C super
   -I must had been drunk, but i did not implement the burst extra defence properly, fixed also some readme errata about it.
   -Just readme errata has been fixed in general i hope.
   -Extended bounce states' hitbox on the bottom more to make all conversions work as I intended them.
   -Charge sound for F+MP stops when Mio is hurt.

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