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XTreme Theme Shooter Machine 10/10/05

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An arcade shooting gallery collection playable in M.U.G.E.N. 


--- Basic Controls ---
[D][L][R] - Move the crosshair.
[A] - Fire the gun.
[START] - Continue (when you run out of lives).

--- Stage 1 (Lethal Enforcers II) ---
Guns: Handgun, Gatling Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, M16, Machine Gun, Flamethrower.  Aim at the bottom of the screen to reload your gun.

1-1: A shootout in the bar.  Shoot the enemies before they shoot you!  Avoid shooting the innocent victims.

1-2: An alien encounter in the back streets.  Shoot the skulls for items.  Drain the boss's HP to defeat it!

--- Stage 2 (Duck Hunt) ---
Gun: Zapper (no reloading)

2-1: Just like the NES game, your trusty dog is here to gather up the ducks you shoot (or laugh at you if you miss).  Gameplay is similar to the NES game, but the ducks' movements are more random and their fly speed is faster.  3 bullets per round.  No reloading.

2-2: Again, gameplay similar to the NES game, except the discs fly out one after the other with no breaks in between.  Your Zapper gets one bullet back for each disc that flies out.  Try to shoot them all before they go off screen.

--- Stage 3 (Super Mario Bros) ---
Gun: Fire Flower (unlimited ammo)

3-1: The classic overworld stage.  Enemies appear from everywhere here.  The Goombas will not hurt you, but the enemies in the sky (and the Hammer Bros from the pipes) will attack you.  The Bullet Bill cannons cannot be killed.  Item blocks will also appear here as well.  The ? blocks may contain coins or 1UPs.  Blast the 1UPs to get extra lives.  You have unlimited ammo in Stage 3, so blast away.

3-2: Engage in a fight against Bowser and his Koopalings.  The Koopalings will bounce around on the screen and shoot fire at you.  You have the option of taking them on, or just going after Bowser as killing him will clear the stage.  Keep an eye on their HP to see how much damage they have left to take.  Bowser shoots fire at you and jumps around on the screen.  Sometimes he will hop into his shell and spin around.  I'll leave you to find out how to get him out of this mode.  Watch out for the fireball that jumps out of the lava.  It will attack you if you're not careful.

--- Stage 4 (Star Wars) ---
Gun: Blaster, X-Wing (unlimited ammo)

4-1: Battle it out with Stormtroopers and Imperial Soldiers on Yavin.  It's just you and your trusty Blaster versus hundreds of soldiers of the Empire.

4-2: Man your X-Wing and fight it out with Tie Fighters inside the Death Star Trench.  If you have seen Star Wars: A New Hope, you should know what to do at the end of this stage.

By Bane84


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